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Value Added Disrtributor


Red Shield Computer Services is adoptting a new strategy after years of regional market experince, in addition to the partnerships it holds, and unique service offerings, Red Shield managamanet desided to become the Value Added Distributor for unique products and solutions.


Red Shield as part of being Value Added Distributor, we Offer Presales value added service and Post Sales value added service. We offer the manufactorer the right type of support and give the channel proper direction about business strategies.

WHEEL Systems

WHEEL Systems is a leading developer of innovative IT security solutions. They specialize in users authorization and authentication, and monitoring access to corporate networks. Our products combine creativity and ease of use with strong security measures, which has always been our priority when designing new solutions. We are the leading company offering mobile authentication solutions in Poland and one of a few companies offering complex solutions for remote access sessions monitoring and recording. Product offering is supplemented by wide range of services which include implementation, consulting, trainings and technical support.

WHEEL Systems Products

FUDO is a state-of-the-art solution allowing to monitor, control and record all remote access sessions to an IT infrastructure. Using FUDO ensures highest possible security levels of corporate IT systems accessed by external partners on daily basis. FUDO actively monitors network traffic and records all SSH, RDP, HTTP, HTTPS, MySQL, Oracle and VNC remote access sessions. It allows for analyzing archived sessions as well as currently active connections. When supervising an active session, the administrator can terminate, pause or join in to work along with the remote user. All sessions recorded on FUDO are encrypted and timestamped.


Wheel Lynx SSL Inspector is an appliance dedicated for transparent SSL traffic decryption for further processing and analysis by DLP/IDS/IPS solutions.


The appliance works in the transparent bridge mode, intercepting selected network traffic. SSL sessions pass through Wheel Lynx SSL Inspector transparently so the client software thinks it connects directly to the target server as it uses the original addressing of the target hosts. The decrypted network traffic is forwarded to the dedicated DLS/IDS/IPS device for evaluation. Wheel Lynx SSL Inspector encrypts data again and sends it over to the target server. The DLP/IDS/IPS systems can order Lynx to terminate the connecyion. Unencrypted traffic, which can also pass through Wheel Lynx SSL Inspector, is forwarded to the IDS/IPS without being modified.

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